Mrs. Kristin Robinson
Sumner Principal

Welcome to the Sumner/Danbury web site and thank you for your interest in our learning community. A California Distinguished School since 2000, Sumner/Danbury is located in southern California about thirty miles east of Los Angeles. We are nestled in the San Gabriel Valley and the education rich city of Claremont. Sumner/Danbury School is within walking distance of the seven Claremont Colleges. We are home to about 625 culturally diverse students. About 70 students with physical disabilities and/or health impairments attend Sumner/Danbury each year. Our students thrive in this diverse environment because we have established clear expectations for academics and behavior that emphasize the value of learning and the importance of treating others with respect and dignity.

Our Mission Statement sums it up well:

"Sumner/Danbury Schools will provide challenging academic experiences that will encourage each child to reach his/her full academic, social, and physical potential. Learning will occur in a safe and caring environment that fosters excitement, enthusiasm, and discovery. Students will be encouraged to appreciate their own worth and importance as well as that of others. Sumner/Danbury Schools will provide an atmosphere that will enable each child to develop a respect for the differences of others and nurture a sense of responsibility to the community and the environment."

Sumner/Danbury Elementary is certainly an exciting and vibrant place for our students to learn, work, and play together. Thanks again for visiting and please feel free to contact us anytime.